How to Cancel Apple Music?

How to Cancel Apple Music?

how to cancel apple music

Apple Music is a great way to access millions of songs and albums without having to purchase them individually. However, if you no longer want the service, it’s easy to cancel your subscription. Keep reading to learn how to cancel your Apple Music subscription in just a few easy steps. 

How to Cancel Apple Music?

Open Settings: Launch the “Settings” app on your iPhone or iPad.

Your Name: Scroll down and tap on “Your Name” at the top of the settings menu.

Subscriptions: Tap on “Subscriptions.” This will show you a list of all your active subscriptions.

Apple Music: Find and select “Apple Music” from the list of subscriptions.

Cancel Subscription: Tap on “Cancel Subscription” at the bottom of the Apple Music subscription page.

Confirmation: A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the cancellation. Confirm by tapping “Confirm” or “Cancel Subscription,” depending on your device’s interface.

Reason (Optional): Apple may ask for your feedback on why you’re canceling. Select an appropriate reason or choose “Other” if none of the provided options apply.

Finalize: After confirming the cancellation, you’ll receive a confirmation message, and your Apple Music subscription will no longer renew.

Remember, you’ll still have access to Apple Music until the end of your current billing cycle.

Please note that the steps may vary slightly depending on your device’s iOS version. If you encounter any issues, you can also contact Apple Support for assistance.

Cancelling Your Subscription on Your iPhone or iPad 

If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, cancelling your subscription is as simple as following these steps: 

1. Open the Settings app on your device and tap “iTunes & App Store”. 

2. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen, then select “View Apple ID”. 

3. Enter your password when prompted, then select “Subscriptions” from the menu that appears. 

4. Tap “Apple Music Subscription” and then tap “Cancel Subscription” at the bottom of the page. You will be asked to confirm that you want to cancel; tap “Confirm” and you are done! 

5. Your subscription will be cancelled at the end of your current billing period.  

Cancelling Your Subscription on Your Mac or PC 

If you’d rather cancel using a computer, follow these steps:        1. Open iTunes and click on “Account” in the upper-right corner of the window.  2. Select “View My Account” from the drop-down menu that appears, then enter your password when prompted. 3. Scroll down until you see “Subscriptions” listed under Settings; click “Manage” next to it 4. Click “Edit” next to “Apple Music Membership”, then select “Cancel Subscription” 5. Confirm that you want to cancel and you are all set! Just like with an iPhone or iPad, your subscription will be cancelled at the end of your current billing period so there’s no need to worry about being charged again before it ends..  

Cancelling Your Subscription on Your Mac or PC 

Cancelling an Apple Music subscription is easy whether you have an iOS device or a Mac/PC computer with iTunes installed – just follow these steps outlined above and you’ll be good to go! Whether you’re looking for more control over what music gets played in your home or simply don’t feel like paying for another streaming service right now, cancelling Apple Music can help save money while still giving users access to their favourite tunes! Intended Audience: Apple device users who wish to cancel their Apple Music subscriptions