How to Install Ring Doorbell in 5 Easy Steps?

How to Install Ring Doorbell in 5 Easy Steps?

how to install ring doorbell

Installing a Ring doorbell can be a great way to keep your home secure and monitor who comes to your door. It’s also easy to do if you know the steps! This guide will walk you through how to install Ring doorbell in five simple steps. 

How to Install Ring Doorbell?

Step 1: Prepare Your Home.

The first step is to make sure your home is ready for installation. Start by checking the voltage of your existing doorbell system; this should be between 8-24 volts AC. If it’s not, you may need to replace it with a transformer that meets these requirements. Also, make sure there’s enough space around the area where you plan on installing the Ring Doorbell so that it will fit properly and won’t be blocked by anything. 

Step 2: Remove Old Doorbell System.

Once you’ve made sure your home is ready for installation, it’s time to remove your old doorbell system (if applicable). To do this, simply turn off the power from the breaker box and then unscrew and remove the existing system from its mountings. Make note of which wires were connected to which terminals before removing them so that you can easily reconnect them later on when installing the new system. 

Step 3: Attach Mounting Plate & Connect Wires.

Now it’s time to attach the mounting plate for the Ring Doorbell and connect the wires according to their original connections (assuming they match up). Start by drilling two holes into where you want the mounting plate installed and then feed both wires through one of them before attaching the plate with screws. Next, connect all of the wires accordingly, making sure they are securely attached, and then tuck them away so they don’t interfere with anything else. 

Step 3: Attach Mounting Plate & Connect Wires.

Step 4: Install Your Ring Doorbell & Connect It To WiFi Network.

Now that everything is connected correctly, it’s time to install your actual Ring Doorbell onto its mounting plate (make sure it fits snugly) and connect it to your WiFi network via either an app or web browser interface (depending on which device you have). The app/browser should recognize your device when it’s powered up and will guide you thru connecting it wirelessly from thereon out – just follow any instructions that appear during this process until completion!  

Step 5: Finalise Installation & Test Out Your New Device!

You’re almost done now – just double-check all of your connections one last time before powering everything back up again (including restoring power at the breaker box). Once everything is back online, open up your app or browser interface again and test out all of its features – if everything looks good then congratulations – you’ve successfully installed a new Ring Doorbell in 5 easy steps! 

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Installing a Ring doorbell can help keep your home safe while also giving added convenience when answering visitors at your front door. With just five easy steps—preparing your home, removing old systems if necessary, attaching mounting plates & connecting wires, and installing & connecting via wifi network—you can have a fully functioning smart doorbell in no time! Have fun testing out all of its features!